What is Shootsta Elevate?

Elevate is Shootsta's templated video product

Shootsta Elevate will allow your teams to make professional templated videos in minutes.

How Does Shootsta Elevate Work?

  1. Select your script

  2. Film your personalised video

  3. Receive your professional edited video in minutes

  4. Measure engagement and usage

The Key is in Getting Started...

Shootsta Elevate runs on the strength of AI and custom built templates. Shootsta's creative team work with you to create the perfect video template for each stage of your sales funnel for faster conversion. We will provide full creative support in the scripting process. Allow you to easily distribute your templates to your team. The template will also contain the professional footage that will set your sales videos apart. And all of this will be done in an extremely quick turn around time.

Personalize It

When creating your Shootsta Elevate videos, adding a personalized touch makes all the difference. Your Shootsta Elevate videos will be template-based to start. Additionally, each template will allow for:

  • Personalized Intros and Outros

  • Inclusions for Prospect Name and Company

You will also have the option to use blank templates for one-off branded messages.


Make a Splash... Page

What's next?!? After filming your video, Shootsta Elevate will generate a splash page for you. A splash page is the unique page where your newly created video will live. This page is shareable, so it can be sent to your intended recipients. Your splash page will also double as a calling card. Included in the splash page could be contact information, a "call to action", product information, and any case studies.


Measure Engagement and Usage

If your sales team is anything like other sales teams, I'm sure you aware that a little healthy competition can be a real source of motivation. Shootsta Elevate has a built-in leaderboard to help track number of videos created, number of views generated, and top performers.


Got any questions? Message us via Live Chat, we would love to help!