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How to Personalise your Shootsta Elevate Video
How to Personalise your Shootsta Elevate Video

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Personalise your Shootsta Elevate Video

Have you ever gotten a "To Whom It May Concern" email? Impersonal communication can deter possible leads from engagement. So personalisation is such a major aspect of the Shootsta Elevate experience.

You can personalise your Shootsta Elevate Video with your choice of template, however the the 'personalisation' screen is really where the magic happens. Shootsta Elevate will ask you to personalise your video. At this stage, you can add in your recipient name and company, as well as a personalised intro and outro. The intro and outro will be scripted parts of your Shootsta Elevate video that will really set the scene for your recipient's viewing experience. As you are personalising your Shootsta Elevate video, you will also have a Live Script Preview Option to make sure it is what you are intending to convey with your video. Read the Preview Script back and make sure it sounds like something you would say. When you are happy with your personalised script, just touch 'Next'.

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