What is a Shootsta Project?

A Shootsta Project is all video outputs with associated social iterations, briefs, uploaded assets, and add-ons and extras. Basically everything you select to create a video is all grouped together within a Shootsta Project.

How do I select all the components of a Shootsta Project?

As you create and submit a video for editing, the Shootsta Platform will guide you through the process and gather the information needed to complete your edit. No guess work involved.

What if I miss something?

The Shootsta Platform will clearly mark necessary components with a red asterisk, and will prevent you from submitting until you have your project together.

What is a Shootsta Video?

Shootsta Videos are up to 5 minutes long, created from up to 25 minutes of raw video footage and up to 50 assets (videos and images), with 5 rounds of amendments².

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