Having access to a library of stock videos, music, and images can elevate your videos to the next level. In this article, I will show you how to create a stock asset library of assets to use across all projects.

Stock Asset Integration

The Shootsta Platform provides direct access to royalty-free stock assets. Because the Shootsta Platform has been integrated directly with Shutterstock, there is now access to thousands of stock assets.

How do I access stock assets?

When creating a video project in the Shootsta Platform, you can access stock assets for your project through the 'Stock Assets' option in Upload Assets. Here is an article detailing the steps to add stock assets to your video project.

How do I create a stock asset library?

If stock assets are selected for use in video projects and then invoiced, then you and your organisation have royalty-free access to those selected stock assets. Once the stock asset is invoiced, it will then be accessible from 'My Assets' in the Media Library. Now, whenever you or your team wish to utilise the stock asset, you would just upload it into your video project like any other asset from the Media Library. You do not have to do any other work to build up a full and well-rounded stock asset library besides selecting stock assets for use in video projects.

Locating stock assets in your Media Library

You can use the search, filter, and sort options in the Media Library to locate stock assets. If you are aware of the asset title or even a keyword from the title, you can do a keyword search in the search field. The sort options will allow you to surface assets based on most recent. And the filter in the Media Library will allow you to filter your Media Library by Project and by Asset Type.

Tagging assets in the Media Library

Each asset in the Media Library has relevant details. By selecting the action dots (...), then selecting 'Manage Details', you can adjust the details on any asset in the Media Library. This is really important for stock assets. If you would like to make stock assets readily searchable and accessible, you can add tags to any stock assets. By tagging stock assets with a consistent tag of your choosing, you can then use the search field to always locate the stock asset that you need.

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