Purchasing stock assets is seamlessly integrated into the process of submitting your video project for editing.

How to purchase stock assets:

1) Search and Select the stock assets you would consider using in your video project.

2) Confirm your stock asset selections.

3) Acknowledge that only stock assets used in your project will be invoiced.

4) Submit your project for editing (at which point, if you have requested any other additional services, all will be listed in the project confirmation).

5) That's it! You will be invoiced as an organisation monthly for any used stock assets.

Here are the basics about stock assets:

1) Shutterstock is a global provider of stock footage, stock photography and stock music. Shutterstock is now integrated into the Shootsta Platform. Any users of Shootsta have access to the thousands of royalty-free stock assets.

2) All stock assets are accessible directly in the Shootsta Platform and can be uploaded into any video project.

3) Once used in your project by the edit team, only then will a stock asset be invoiced. If a stock asset is not, used, it will not be invoiced.

4) Once a stock asset is used in your project, it will now be available for use across your organisation. You cannot be invoiced multiple times for the same stock asset.

5) Stock assets, once used in any project, will then be accessible in 'My Assets' in the Media Library.

6) The price per stock asset used is based on region. Check out our Add-ons offerings for stock asset prices in your region.

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