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17 August 2021: Release Notes
17 August 2021: Release Notes
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Cue has been renamed to connect Cue in the Shootsta Platform with Cue in the iPads in each Shootsta Kit. Scripting in Shootsta Cue:

HubSpot Integration is live!

Shootsta makes it even easier to embed your videos in HubSpot. Shootsta has created an integration to HubSpot, accessible through the 'Share to Web' option on from the share menu on any completed video page:

Public Share

Anyone can now upload assets to a project with Public Uploader. If a Project Owner needs to ask someone who does not have access to their Shootsta workspace to upload any assets into a project, they can now share a Public Uploader link to grant access how they wish. When selecting 'Public Uploader' from the action dots menu on (or within) a project, a Project Owner can create a share link or QR code to allow someone outside their Shootsta workspace to upload into the project. The Public Uploader option does allow for a link expiration and password protection to the link and QR code. This functionality should improve the Project Owner's experience in managing projects and allocating work as needed.

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