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December 2021: Shootsta Roadshow Product Showcase
December 2021: Shootsta Roadshow Product Showcase
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Pre-Production Tools

Inspirations- all about inspiring you to create videos. If you don't know where to start or what to create, then Inspirations is a powerful way to share content ideas within your workspace.

Briefing- The success of any good project is reliant on how well you brief your editor. Download the Video Plan Template, or add in specific details in the text box.

Collaboration- Team up with other members of your workspace to tackle the task of managing a video project through to completion. Two minds are better than one!

Public Uploader- Allow external users (outside of your workspace) to contribute.

Shootsta Cue- Shootsta's autocue teleprompter app. Script, Collaborate, Share, Teleprompt, all with Cue.

Post-Production Tools

  • Videos- Shootsta's primary service

  • Animation- effective way to communicate with remotely or for people not comfortable in front of a camera

  • Podcasts- effective long form for audience not able to view a video

  • Webinars- perfect medium for thought leaders

ShutterStock- Lost for content? Stock assets are a great tool for your videos. The ShutterStock library is available directly in platform.

Add-Ons- Additional services to add on to your video. Get your video edited in half the time, add captions, social iterations, or request a voice over artist.

Project Status- Manage your video projects and all deliverables. Project statuses trigger notifications to make it easy to see your video through to completion.

Review- Leave feedback, request changes, comment, and approve.

Sharing and Hosting

Secure Link Sharing- Give or restrict access to anyone or just users in your organisation. You can even password protect.

Commenting- Comment and have others comment on any video in your workspace.

Embedding Content- Embed your video on your site or into a presentation

Integrations- Setup integrations to other platforms to send your videos directly.

Other Cool Stuff

Live Support- Reach out to us via the 'Live Support' option in Shootsta

Media Library- Manage, organise, tag, classify, all your assets in one place.

Camera Operator Network- Request a camera operator to assist with filming your video.

Got Questions? Contact us! We'd love to help.

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