Tags in Elevate

Tags General Info

A tag is a tool that allows you to apply metadata to your Elevate video making it easier to find and classify. Tags can now be used for your Elevate videos, and will provide a great way to filter, find, and manage Elevate videos.

Tags are connection points for Elevate videos. Tags are filterable and searchable making is extremely easy to manage your Elevate outreach videos.

How to tag your Elevate video

Tags are easily added to your Elevate videos, and add as many tags as is needed to manage your Elevate video list. From the List view in Elevate, select 'Tag As' from the action dots menu on your Elevate video.

Personal or Private Tags

Whenever you select 'Create New' from the 'Tag as' menu, you create a personal or private tag. Private tags are specific to your tagging needs, and are not visible nor selectable by anyone else. You know your contact list better than anyone else, so naturally we wanted to provide a way to tag that is unique to your needs.

Workspace Tag

Workspace Tags are created, set and managed by your workspace admin. These are tags that you cannot change or modify, and will likely have a more broad reach and purpose. Workspace Tags are visible to everyone in the workspace. Workspace tags are filterable and searchable. They likely apply to everyone in your workspace.

Tagging General Practice

Keep your tags relevant and within reason. The tags also must be relevant to your video otherwise managing your Elevate videos can be challenging.


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