How to get Custom Animated Videos created
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Animated Videos

Animation is a high-quality, cost-effective explainer video for your business. They are a compelling way to communicate to your audience and we offer a range of Animated Explainer themes to suit your message.


If you have a script and you’d like a professional voice-over talent to read it to make your video stand out, feel free to browse and search from the range of professional voiceovers we offer, and select a voice-over option in your add-on page. The voice-over fee will be quoted according to the script and will be invoiced to you at month-end.

How to request an Animated Video be created:

You can create and request an Animated Explainer project from the Pro page, select Animation to proceed.

Once you’ve selected an animation style that best suits your project, complete your Animated Template Brief.docx found on the Project Brief page, upload it with any branded assets, select your add-ons and submit it to us. We’ll be on it! Our Animation Team will be in touch and go over every stage of the production timeline and the cost with you.

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The Cost:

An Animated Explainer can run up to 3 minutes in length, with the credit cost being 1 credit per 45 seconds. So, a project of 3 minutes can go up to a total of 4 credits.

Any duration beyond 3 minutes and any bespoke request will be further discussed and quoted for your agreement.

The Storyboard:

As a general guide, the expected timeline for a non-bespoke project begins after your script has been confirmed and approved for a voice-over recording if this has been requested. Then a storyboard will be developed for your review to ensure all the details are correct and on-brand.

Your First Cut!

Next, when the storyboard is approved, the actual animation production work begins!

Sit back and relax, while we work hard to get your project started. This is the final stage and it can take up to 10 days or more to turn around the first cut.

Have any questions? Contact Us or message us via Live Chat. We'd love to help!

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