Elevate Insights Panel and Racetrack



Elevate users will create many videos every day and send them to prospects. After an Elevate is sent, it may not be viewed or considered for days or even weeks later. Enter Elevate Insights!


Elevate now has Insights with a graphical panel identifying recent activity of any recorded Elevates. Each Insight will have a click through to open more detailed information. With up-to-date insights on Elevate activity, you will be able to manage your sales funnel easily and efficiently.

Easily track recent engagements of your Elevates to know who is watching, empowering you to make better decisions of when to follow up & re-engage. Recent activity can be sorted by Today, Past 7 days & Past 30 days.

Get detailed analytics of Splash Page visits, Video views, CTA clicks & even the location of where people are viewing.


How do I access Elevate Insights?

Simply open the Insights and Leaderboard drawer on the right side of your Elevate Library, and gain access to all the latest Elevate data to help drive your funnel.


Elevate Insights Racetrack

Create some friendly competition within your team and know exactly how you are performing in comparison. Race each other to the finish line before the end of the month! The racetrack will be visible for all Elevate users at the top of your Elevate library in the Shootsta Platform.



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