Voice Over Artists

Adding a professional Voice Over to your project will make it stand out.
From corporate communications, tutorial & training or animated explainer videos, setting the tone with properly delivered narration will add polish to set your videos apart.

Shootsta have partnered with a range of professional voice artists to make the whole process of previewing & selecting the right voice for your project simple. Alternatively, you can record with your own agency or artist, and upload directly. And it's all available right within the Shootsta project workflow.


Note: Voice over artist selection is only available for Animation projects for customers invited to the beta at this stage.


Previewing & Selecting a Voice Artist

Previewing & selecting is easy.

Scroll through the list of artists. You can see their name, the languages or accents they read, if they read in Male or Female voices (or both) and a short description about their style. Click on the 'play' button on each artist tile and you can listen to a demo of their delivery style.



Search & Filter to find your favourite

If you know the name of a particular artist, use the Search bar to find them. Just browsing? Use the filter options to narrow down your search.






Select the Artist

Using the tick box, select one or multiple Voice Over Artists you wish to engage for your project.



Special directions for your Voice Artist

It's extremely important to give clear direction to the artist. If you have any particular way you wish the script to be delivered, add it here. Direction of the mood, style is important. This may be, authoritative, energetic, conversation, relaxed etc. It's important also to note any special pronunciation of names or industry specific words or any emphasis on particular lines. Add as much detail & direction here as you can.


Got your own Artist?

You don't need to use one of our Artists, if you already have a voice over recorded, upload it in the Voice Over Upload section. This will be made available to your Editor or Animator.



Cost Estimate & Licensing

In the right hand drawer, you will get a cost estimate of the voice over. This is based off the word count of your script. All artists carry a flat rate so it's only the duration of the read that will influence cost.

Rates are buy-out (unlimited usage) except for radio, television and internet commercial spots which are for one year from date of recording. If a spot is to be used on both television and radio, please let us know. Internet Commercials are licenced at higher rates and must be advised. Exclusivity by negotiation. It's up to the project owner to ensure the licence conditions are being met.



Got Questions? Contact Us or reach out via Live Chat. We'd love to help!