How long will it take to get my Elevate video back?

As quick as you can say...

Elevate videos are AI and template driven enablement videos designed meet your scalable business needs. What that means is that all the time consuming work in creating the perfect Elevate template is done way before you decide to make an Elevate video.

How long will it take for my Elevate video to be ready to send out?

An Elevate video is designed to have a serious 'WOW' factor. A typical Elevate video will be ready to send within minutes of completion. The Elevate app will pair your video with the template and create the perfect enablement video for you to send as soon as possible.

How can I access my completed Elevate video?

Elevate videos are easy to access. When completed, you will get a confirmation email notification for your Elevate videos. You can also navigate directly to your Shootsta workspace, and your completed Elevate video will be accessible in Elevate in the Platform.

What should I do if my Elevate video has not prepared in Shootsta?

Elevate videos are based on Elevate templates and AI pairing up the video with the template. Usually a hold up in Elevate videos preparing is related to the template, your own lower thirds, or settings options. Not to worry if you don't receive your video. Just reach out to live support in Shootsta, and we can check on that for you.

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