Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI

Beat writer's block and brief in your Shootsta Production Team with Shootsta AI

What is Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI?

Shootsta's Platform now has cutting-edge AI features to assist with your Video Creation Process. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI streamlines the video brief and script process. Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI harnesses the power of AI to elevate your video strategy and engage your audience like never before.

What is Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI helping to solve?

Writer's block can be a frustrating obstacle for many writers, hindering their ability to produce quality content. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, tools like Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI can help writers overcome this creative block. Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI is a writing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide suggestions, prompts, and even generate content based on the user's input.

By utilizing AI, writers can break through barriers and find inspiration when they feel stuck. The tool can help generate new ideas, improve the flow of writing, and provide a fresh perspective on content creation. Writers can overcome writer's block and enhance their productivity by tapping into a wealth of resources and suggestions offered by the tool. With AI Assist by their side, writers can confidently tackle any writing project and bring their ideas to life.


How does it all work?

Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI works by utilizing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the your inputs and provide relevant suggestions, prompts, and even generate briefing fields and full scripts. The tool uses natural language processing to understand the context and tone of the writing, allowing it to offer tailored recommendations to help writers overcome writer's block.

Shootsta AI works by harnessing the capabilities of AI to support writers in overcoming creative obstacles and enhancing their writing process. It serves as a valuable tool for writers looking to boost their productivity and produce high-quality content.

How do I use Shootsta AI for my brief and my script?


Start Shootsta AI by clicking 'Enable AI Assist'. Add in a description and targeted keywords, and then let Shootsta AI do the rest. Shootsta AI will generate all the briefing fields needed to get your planned point across to your edit team, and best of all it generates in seconds. 


How do I Modify the AI-Generated Responses?

You can modify any AI-Generated selections by clicking 'Open AI Edit' in any of the briefing or scripting fields. Shootsta AI will generate new longer or shorter versions, or even change the tone of voice. You can revert to the previous version with the semi circle arrow. Or if you want to just write the field yourself- select 'Close AI Edit'.

Scripting with Shootsta AI


Writing a script can be time consuming and even painful. With Shootsta AI, crafting scripts becomes a breeze, thanks to our intuitive interface and powerful features. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, Scripting with Shootsta AI offers a user-friendly experience that simplifies the scripting journey. From generating ideas to refining dialogue, Scripting with Shootsta AI can help you say goodbye to writer's block and hello to seamless creation with Shootsta AI!

**When you use your script in the visual builder, Shootsta will lock the script. Feel free to click the lock icon to unlock your script for any edits.**

FAQ's for Briefing and Scripting with Shootsta AI

I am an admin of Shootsta, and I'd prefer to not have AI Assist enabled for my workspace... is that possible? 

- Please reach out via Live Chat or your Shootsta Strategic Account Manager if you do not wish to have this functionality in your Shootsta Workspace. 

I clicked 'Enable AI Assist', but I would prefer to draft my own brief now. 

- Not to worry, feel free to use the 'Modify' options to rewrite or replace any AI Generated Briefing fields.

I clicked 'Enable AI Assist' by accident, can I switch it off?

- Once clicked 'Enable AI Assist cannot be unclicked. You can choose to 'Close AI' for scripting, AND there's nothing preventing you from starting a new Pro Project as this will not deduct a credit from your workspace or credit allocation (the credit gets deducted when you submit your Pro video for editing and confirm). 

I have generated a script with Shootsta AI, how can I modify or revert to writing my script?

- You can 'Close the AI' interface if you do not wish to use Shootsta AI, or you can click the lock icon above the script window to make changes after you've used your script in the Visual Builder. 


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