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Do Shootsta Camera Operators have their own Autocues/Teleprompters? They do not..

Our Shootsta Camera Operators DO NOT possess autocues (a.k.a teleprompters) themselves as it is an uncommon piece of equipment for freelancers to own. Luckily our Shootsta Kit has one.

Do I need an Autocue or Teleprompter for my shoot?

For interviews, you will find that they are usually not required as there is normally someone to ask questions off-camera, and most people will give a more natural response on camera when talking to another person.

Autocues are mostly used for presentations where the subject is speaking direct to camera down the barrel of the lens.

** Before your shoot, make sure to have your script loaded into Shootsta Cue. If you need to supply 'edit' access to someone else as your proxy on the day.


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