Film Elevates in Browser

Elevate in Browser

Shootsta Elevate is the all-in-one video tool for sales teams. Shootsta Elevate will allow your sales teams to make professional sales videos in minutes right from your browser!

To Get Started...

Click on 'Elevate' from the menu on the left. You will can self-start with some pre-configured templates, but get in touch with us to create your custom Elevate templates catered to your outreach needs.

Record or Create a Recording Queue right from the Browser...

Elevate is designed to enable your sales outreach at scale. Recording right from the browser window, and even queueing to record multiple Elevates in a row, will drastically increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Sharing is a Splash!

Sharing your customised Elevate is easy via Email, Animated Gif, Splash Link or even QR Code. Elevate simplifies getting your message to your audience.

Happy Elevating!


Got Questions? We'd love to help! Contact us or use Live Support to speak with someone right away!