3 August 2021: Latest Features

Home Page

Welcome to the new Shootsta Home Page! Here you can access recent Pro Projects and Casts, check out new features, the latest news, and tour our services and apps. This will drastically improve the experience our customers have with Shootsta.

New User Profile Page

The User Profile Page has been redesigned and refreshed. Each section is tabbed for ease of use and access. Users can manage their profile in an easier to navigate way. Users can also change their password now from the 'Account Settings' tab rather than having to use the reset password workflow.

Media Library Direct Upload

Use your Media Library more like an Asset Management tool with Uploads. Now when you wish, you can upload any asset saved on your device to the Media Library via drag and drop, 'Browse' computer, or the 'Upload Assets' button.

Add Ons Explainer Videos

Each Add On now has an explainer video linked in the platform to demonstrate each Add On in detail.


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