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Notice & Cancellations for Bookings and CamOps

Need help with your Shootsta Booking or Camera Operator or Videographer? 

How much advance notice do I need to make a booking for a Videographer or Camera Operator?

Videographer Bookings are ideally made 2 weeks prior to your anticipated shoot.

Please give us as much notice as possible for bookings. We may not be able to guarantee bookings within 48 hours before a shoot. 

Non-confirmed Videographer Bookings cannot be guaranteed!

We do not guarantee all booking enquiries will be filled, as we have a finite network of freelance videographers who may be already booked. We will start searching as soon as you submit your booking. Please have a backup plan ready to go in case we cannot fulfil your booking; we will contact you if we cannot fulfil your request.

Once a booking has been confirmed, the following cancellation policies apply:

Shootsta requires more than 48 hours cancellation / or rescheduling notice or fees may apply.

  • If a booking is cancelled or rescheduled in under 48 hours of the shoot time, a cancellation fee of 50% of the shoot cost will apply.

  • If a booking is cancelled or rescheduled under 24 hours of shoot time, the FULL FEE of the booking will apply.

If Shootsta cancels or reschedules the booking within 48 hours, Shootsta will issue a 3-hour booking credit on the client's behalf and re-book the shoot.

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