How to connect your Vimeo account for sharing.

In Vimeo

  • Click the New App button in the top right

  • Fill out the form fields as per the screenshot below

  • Click the Create App button

  • Scroll down and click Request Upload Access

  • Fill out the form, selecting No then My Account

⭐️⭐️ Wait for your upload access to be granted (can take up to 5 days)⭐️⭐️

  • Generate a new access token, by selecting Authenticated (you) and ticking Private & Upload (Upload will not be available until access has been granted above, the screenshot below does not have upload access)

  • Click the Generate button

  • Your new access token will be added to the table below

  • Copy the access token (hidden behind the green block in the screenshot above)

  • Organisation ➡ Settings ➡ Share Integrations (Configure) Vimeo

  • Paste your copied token and click Save