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How to download assets from the Media Library or a project

If you ever need to download a file that has already been added to your workspace (e.g. to get local copies of videos that have been shot by a Shootsta videographer or files that have been supplied by a colleague in your workspace) you can do so via the Media Library or via the Assets page for the project that the files were originally uploaded to.

Finding the Assets page for a submitted project

Downloading Assets 1

You can access the Assets page for a project that is no longer in the Draft stage by navigating to your Pro page, clicking on the project in question, then selecting the "Uploaded Assets" option as pictured above.

Downloading Assets 5

Alternatively, you can also access access the Assets page for a project via its Review or View Completed Video page by clicking the action dots (...) in the top right and then selecting "View Project Brief". This will take you to the briefing pages that were accessed during the project's initial submission, after which you can navigate to the Loaded Assets page to access that project's assets.

Downloading assets

Downloading Assets 2Downloading Assets 3

Once you have located the asset(s) you're after, click on the action dots (...) next to an asset's name to open up the options menu for that asset. In this menu, click the "Asset Details" option to bring up an additional window.

Downloading Assets 4
In the window that pops up for that asset, click the Download button and then select the resolution at which you'd like to download that asset. This will begin a download of that asset to your browser's selected download directory.