How to frame your shot

You need to make sure that your camera is at the correct angle so that your video can look as professional as possible. We have broken it down to 3 easy steps; refer to the video for image references.

  1. Position talent: Place your subject in front of camera and adjust your tripod so it is at their eye line and the camera is levelled. If your subject is addressing your audience directly (piece-to-camera), position them in the middle of frame their shoulders facing the camera. If you are shooting an interview, have your subject to look “off camera”. Position them left or right of the frame and have them to look and face their shoulders (inwards) at the interviewer next to the camera.

  2. Frame talent: Get your talent to stand closer or step further back until the bottom of your frame is just above their waist and leave some room above their head (headroom). If you leave too much headroom then you run the risk of making your subject look small and insignificant. Conversely, you don’t want to give them a haircut by having your shot too low.

  3. Tidy up: Get rid of distracting items that can catch your viewer’s eye. Look at your camera’s screen and remove anything distracting that you can see. Some common culprits are water bottles, rubbish and clutter, and colleagues that are walking about.