How to record great audio

Find out how to record great audio using the Rode Wireless GO microphone system found inside the Shootsta Kit 3.

There are two parts to setting up and recording great audio when filming with the Shootsta Kit 3: mic-ing up your subject and setting the audio record level on the camera. Let's first cover how to set up the audio equipment and mic up your subject.

How to set up and mic your subject

Step 1: Set up the audio equipment.

  • Grab the Receiver (RX) from the kit. If you ever get confused between your transmitter and receiver, just remember your receiver has a screen on the top.

  • Slide the Receiver onto the hot shoe of your camera. The hot shoe is the small metal slot on top of your camera.

  • Take out the red coiled cable from your kit and plug it into the Receiver.

  • Open the small door on the side of your camera closest to the lens.

  • Plug the red coiled cable into the red audio jack.

Step 2: Mic up your subject.

  • Grab the transmitter and lapel/lavalier mic from the Kit.

  • Clip the lapel mic onto your subject. Ideally you want to clip the mic either on their collar or between their first and second button.

  • Once clipped, hide the lapel mic’s wire under their clothes to keep things looking neat and tidy.

  • Once they are mic’d up, plug the lapel mic into the transmitter and place the transmitter into a pocket or clip it to a belt or other item of clothing.

How to set the audio record level in camera

Setting the audio record level in camera correctly will allow your audio to sound loud and clear in your video. To check the audio level in camera, look at the audio meter on the back of your camera. These are the green bars that are constantly moving when set up correctly. You want these levels to sit between 50-75% as your subject speaks. If you don’t see them moving at all, then you are not recording audio and if you see them fill up 100% and flash red then your levels are too high and begin to peak, distorting the audio recorded.

There are 3 steps to setting the audio record level in camera correctly.

  1. Grab out the pair of headphones from the kit and plug them into the green jack in your camera. This green jack is under the door to the right of the red jack.

  2. Press the centre button on the back of your camera. This will bring up a screen titled Audio Record Levels.

  3. set your audio levels. You can do this by turning the wheel left or right. The bigger the number, the louder the audio will be recorded.
    When completing this step, be sure to ask your subject some questions so as they’re talking you can set their levels.
    When you’re happy with your audio levels, press the middle button again to return to the main screen.


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