How to use Shootsta on your Mobile

Everyone is on-the-move these days. Whether you are filming at a remote location, being tagged for your opinion when you are away from your desk, or need to share your video with someone you've never met in another location, Shootsta can accomodate. Shootsta is mobile-ready. Anywhere you need to use Shootsta, you can!

Is Shootsta in the App Store?

While some of Shootsta's services and products are in the App Store, Shootsta is just optimised to be able to use on whatever device you choose. No need for a separate app, any internet browser will do (although we would highly recommend using a Chrome browser).

What exactly can I do on my mobile device?

  • logging in

  • reset your password

  • create a project

  • brief

  • upload assets

  • control the video player

  • view completed video pages

  • create, share and read a video QR Code

  • script

  • access the Shootsta Cue App

  • request a camera operator through bookings

  • access the media library

  • check inspirations

  • manage your profile

  • contact support

  • search any help articles

  • receive and action email notifications

Need help or have questions? Contact us. We'd love to help!