How to use the Legacy Shootsta Kit 3's LED light Shootsta

Find out all the buttons and features on the Legacy Kit 3's LED light.


How to set up the light

You can screw the Gorillapod mini tripod into the bottom of the LED light. This will help when holding the LED light or setting it up when filming.

How to change brightness

To turn on, hold down the power button for a few seconds.

To change the brightness, press the “+” or “-” buttons beside the power button.

There is no magic number to determine how bright the light needs to be.

Then hold up the light and see the difference. This is when you can make any adjustments to the lights brightness if you need.

How to change colour

This light also allows you to change the colour of your light from a cool, bluish white to a warm yellow, and anywhere in between. To change the colour, press the power button, then the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust. Now, changing the colour isn’t about making you look more tanned; the purpose of this feature is to match the rest of the light on your subject.

This will ensure your subject looks their best. The best way to do this is to simply shine the light on your talent and change the colour till it matches the other light around your talent.

How to charge the light

When you have finished using the light be sure to put it on charge using the included Micro-USB.

There is also a USB port on the light to allow you to charge other things, like your phone, in case you need it.