HubSpot Integration


Shootsta makes it even easier to embed your videos in HubSpot. Shootsta has created an integration to HubSpot, accessible through the 'Share to Web' option on from the share menu on any completed video page.

To Connect HubSpot to Shootsta:

1) Select 'Share to web' from the 'Share' menu.

2) Once selected, you have the option to 'connect' your HubSpot account to Shootsta. Press 'Connect' to get started.

4) You will be redirected to HubSpot. If you are already logged in you will see something similar to screenshot below. If not, you will need to login first and you will be automatically redirected to a page similar. Please select the hubspot account you want to connect from a list of accounts.

5) Review the permission and hit 'Connect app'.

6) Once connected, you will then be redirected back to Shootsta. After connecting HubSpot to Shootsta the 'connect' option will convert to 'share'. Anytime you need a video shared with HubSpot, you just need to select the 'share' option from the 'Share to Web' menu.

About the integration:

Sharing to HubSpot will transfer the selected video direct to your HubSpot account. Shootsta is also listed in the HubSpot marketplace as a source of assets (so ensure you have chosen Shootsta in the HubSpot marketplace). The integration will transfer metadata and the video embed code to HubSpot. By transferring the video with it's inherent metadata and embed code, you will be able to easily classify, search, and utilise any video shared from Shootsta within HubSpot's interface.


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