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Never Be Stuck for an Idea Again!

Inspirations is for users to share their videos and build a content community. Inspirations is all about collaborating and sharing ideas to help drive creation.

Two Inspirations Libraries

You will have access to two Inspirations Libraries. One Library is Internal for your organisation. Other creators in your organisation can contribute great video content to help inspire.

The other Library is one in which Shootsta will share curated video content to inspire you to help create videos and tell great stories. 


One of the keys to Inspirations is being able to find the right inspiration. Some content will be highlighted for you in Campaigns. However, if you are looking for inspiration, search is really important. The search field can surface content that you did not know you needed. You can search for tags, titles, keywords. And recent suggestions will also be highlighted.


When you upload a post into the Inspirations Library, you will have the option to Tag your Inspirations posts as well as have the ability to manage the post through a campaign. An Inspirations Campaign is a collection of Inspirations Posts. 

So anytime you need a little inspiration, head to the Inspirations Library!