My Elevate video fails or cutaways do not trigger. What should I do?

Elevate is an application driven by AI and the strength of the templates created for the application. Elevate's artificial intelligence relies on closely following a template. So Elevate videos may fail or cutaways might not trigger, if the app can not detect the template is being followed. The main factor inhibiting Elevate's artificial intelligence is usually the recorded audio being incorrect or inaccurate. Too much background noise, a faulty microphone, language and accent variances.

What to do if your Elevate video fails or cutaways do not trigger?

1) Try some basic sound quality troubleshooting to remedy the issue. Move to a more quiet area.

2) You can also try to disconnect the faulty microphone (if equipment is the issue).

3) Once you can control the environmental sound, attempt to re-record your Elevate video.

4) Check that you have correctly set your Accent in Elevate's setting page.

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