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Creating Multiple Videos from a Single Video Project with Duplicate Project

Need a few videos created from the same footage? Duplicate!

So you've uploaded all of your footage into a project, and now it looks like this might actually be split up into more than one video or into a whole series of videos. Here's how you can get multiple videos from the same batch without having to re-upload, or submit one project for a number of videos: Duplicate! The option to 'Duplicate Video' will make an exact copy of an already created project with assets uploaded, brief completed, and add-ons selected. The duplicate project will be in the Draft stage, ready to amend as much as needed before being submitted for editing as well.

You can duplicate a project via the Pro page by selecting the action dots (...) on a project and then selecting Duplicate.

Do I need to re-upload the footage again for each project?

Nope! You won't need to re-upload the files, they will already be in your Media Library and will be brought across to your duplicate project from the original project.

Naming your Video Series

If your duplicated project is part of a series, it's a great idea to create a naming convention for your video series for quick reference and organisation, both for the Production Team here at Shootsta and for yourself once the projects have all been edited.

For example, if you want to create a series of tutorial videos, you could name the project 'Tutorial Series: Video 1', and then name the rest of your videos in subsequent order.

Please note that the standard process with editing series at Shootsta is that your editor will only edit the first video in the series while putting the rest of the series on hold. Once the first video has been worked on to the point where you're happy with it, you can approve it to mark it as Complete. From here the Production Team will get to work on the rest of the series while using the initial video as a guideline on how the other videos should look.

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