Want us to help create Elevate Templates for your team?

Our Shootsta Production Team can guide you through the process of building templates for Elevate.

The Script Editor & Visual Builder


The Script Editor & Visual Builder is a scripting & briefing tool to make visualising a written script easy. You can write a script & separate it into scenes. Within these scenes you can add text descriptions or add media assets directly to specify the visual content of that scene..

1) Open the Script Editor to draft and edit any portions of your script.

2) In the Visual Builder, separate into scenes by using the Split Scene button

3) Add any media clips to clarify your scenes to the Production team

4) Delete, duplicate or notate on any scene in the Visual Builder if needed

Script Inspirations

We realise scripting can be challenging and intimidating. Script Inspirations can help alleviate this blocker to scripting. Script Inspirations is a user selectable list of pre-populated scripts to help just ‘get started’. There are pre-loaded scripts for many Industry and sales cycle scenarios, with more on the way. Simply select your Script Inspiration, and jump that hurdle!

Brand Suites

Branding is extremely important in making your Elevate look and feel 'on brand'. At this stage in the Elevate Project Workflow, select one of your organisation's Brand Suites which are already populated in Shootsta. This will keep your Elevate template on brand no matter who uses your Elevate template. If your workspace hasn't yet created a Brand Suite, you can easily create one here in the creation flow.

You will then be displayed a Summary of your Elevate Project. Double check your Project, and when ready, submit and send it through to our Production team to get started building this for you.


Got Questions? Message us via Live Chat, we'd love to help.