HyperBatch for Elevate


Speed and Efficiency: HyperBatch can reduce your recording time by 80%

Targets need to be hit. The more messages you can send, the more deals you can land. Prospecting has to happen often and fast. So how can you maintain an authentic, human touch without spending too much time on a single recording? Truly authentic, personalised videos require time to record the entire piece and get it just right. But personalised content does not have to be time consuming!

Enter HyperBatch for Elevate

Most outreach involves some personal touches and greetings, followed by a longer core message that tends to stay the same. HyperBatch enables you to record the main fixed section of your message just once, rather than for each & every video you want to send. You then simply record just the personalised Intro for each recipient in your list. Elevate does the heavy lifting of editing it all together in the cloud, delivering back to you a polished, branded AND personalised video presented on your own Splash page.

How does HyperBatch for Elevate work exactly?

1) Select 'New Elevate'

2) Choose the template you wish to use for all your Elevates in this HyperBatch session

3) Select "Continue with HyperBatch"

4) Customise an Outro to use for this HyperBatch session

5) Enter a recipient's name and company- then customise an intro for each recipient.

6) Choose 'Add Recipient' for each recipient you are planning to target (you can add up to 50 recipients!)

6) Start recording (you will only be recording the body of the script JUST once for all the Elevates in your queue)

7) When you have completed all your recordings, the completed Elevates will be in your list

8) then Share away!

**Note: HyperBatch is not available on blank Templates

HyperBatch will change the way you prospect.


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