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The Media Library

The Media Library: All your Digital Asset Management Needs in one solution

The Media Library is where all your Organisation's files and assets are housed. The Media Library is where files that you or others in your organisation have uploaded into video projects in Shootsta.

The Media Library is a great place to store videos and photos you want to use as cutaways across different projects or that you can share with colleagues. For example, footage of your offices, staff, products and services could be housed in the Media Library. Your Media Library is only visible to your company and Shootsta.

The Media Library is where you can manage and tag assets you have uploaded into Projects in Shootsta. You can archive and delete. Tagging assets in the Media Library can serve to surface assets that you want to highlight in the future. A tagged asset is searchable, so it really helps when you are looking for the right asset or trying to help someone else locate the asset.

Adding assets to the Media Library happens automatically when you upload assets into a Project.

To learn how to create a project and upload assets into your project, check out this article.

You can also directly upload to the Media Library from your device via drag and drop, 'Browse' computer, or the 'Upload Assets' button.

To Delete an asset from the Media Library:

If you need some assistance deleting or archiving assets from the Media Library, check out this article.

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