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How to Add Assets to your Video Project


Uploading Assets into your Pro Video Project is the best way to transfer your files to your editor

Assets have a designated section for uploading. We recommend keeping the number of files in a project below 50 and the total length of all video assets under 25 minutes.

You can upload assets via: your device, the Media Library, the Stock Asset Library, or by creating a screen or webcam recorded Cast.

You can also upload by dragging and dropping any assets from your desktop.

Once you have uploaded your assets to Shootsta, be mindful to allow the uploads to fully prepare in Shootsta. When you cease to see the preparing clock, and can see a preview in the asset thumbnail, then your asset has fully prepared in Shootsta.

Please be advised that if your project has been submitted for editing then all project submission pages will become View Only and the Upload Assets page will no longer be able to accept new assets. If you are looking to supply new assets while your project is in the Review stage you can do so by attaching them to comments on the Review page.

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