Elevate - Auto Lower Third Supers

Elevate - Auto Lower Third Supers

A title on screen introducing the person speaking. It generally includes their full name and position in the company. Text on screen: Any text added on top of your video footage. Watermark: Logo or text that is present throughout the entire video, most commonly in the bottom right corner with lowered opacity.

What does this have to do with my Elevate Video?

Each Elevate video is finished with Lower Thirds. This is really important for your outreach, to make sure your audience knows who they are looking at. The Lower Third Super within Elevate is a powerful tool for relationship building. It helps build that personal connection with the viewer.

Traditionally to build in Lower Thirds for all your Elevate videos, each user would have to work with Shootsta's animation team to design, animate and load Lower Thirds to Shootsta for use in Elevate videos.

So what we've done is...

Made it faster and simpler to onboard Elevate customers. With regards to Lower Third generation, Elevate customers will now get a frictionless onboarding experience. There is now no requirement to have a workspace ‘set-up’ by the Shootsta animation team for Lower Thirds to show on completed Elevates. Standard Lower Thirds will now reflect the workspace default Brand Suite, or a default style, and are further configurable by workspace admins. Now Lower Thirds will not pose a roadblock to getting up and running creating Elevate videos! There is no longer a need for any human interaction (custom bespoke 'Pro' Lower Third designs and animations are still an option, just reach out via Live Chat in the bottom corner to find out more).

Standard vs Pro Lower Thirds

Elevate Lower Thirds can now be defined in two separate ways.

Standard or Pro.

A Standard Lower Third:

  • Is a very basic animation design of white text with a slight shadow

  • Is automatically available to all new workspace users (who don't already have a Pro Lower Third set up on their Workspace)

  • Is instantly updatable via the users personal profile

  • It’s font is configurable from a preset list via workspace settings for workspace admins

A Pro Lower Third

  • Is a fully custom designed Lower Third built by the animation team in After Effects

  • It must be configured by a Shootsta user via Admin/Manage Clients

  • Utilises a networked After Effects file with a very specific layer setup

  • Name & Title can be updated by the user via the Manage Profile page

  • There is a processing delay of up to 20 minutes after a change in profile

Key Features

  • New users will not need to wait for lower thirds to ‘build’ before creating an Elevate

  • Admins have the option to select a font to use for a standard lower third

  • Users now have the option to send their Elevates with or without a Lower Third Super

  • Supers are instantly generated with no processing time