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What is in the Shootsta Kit 2024

Learn about what is inside the Shootsta Kit 2024

Meet Kit! This is our seventh custom camera kit that Shootsta has created for businesses around the world to create video. It combines some of the newest and best gear available whilst keeping things portable and simple to use. This Kit is designed for people of all levels of video experience and provides high quality video and audio capture. 

We have kept the design of the Kit 2024 to be as modular and flexible as possible allowing for customisation for customer's individual needs. We have designed workshops and online training for this Kit to enable users to learn how to use the Kit and capture great quality video. The Kit's come 5 different colour options with black being the standard choice. 

Below is a high level breakdown of all the gear in the Kit 2024.

Here is a list of everything included inside Kit*:

  • Sony ZV-E1 with 24-105mm lens f/4

  • 2x spare camera batteries + camera accessories

  • 128gb SDXC card

  • SD card reader to USB-C

  • Peak Design tripod

  • Mobile Teleprompter

  • Earbuds

  • Rode Wireless GO II/ Wireless PRO + 2 lavalier mics and accessories

  • Aputure MC PRO Light with accessories

  • Power bank and charging accessories

*Specific brands and items may change depending on availability