How to use the Mini Kit 2

Learn how to set up, record and charge the Mini Kit 2

The Shootsta Mini Kit 2 is a mobile camera kit centred around an iPhone 7 Plus and DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal. It is perfect for agile smooth shooting on the go, so great for shooting your events, cutaway footage and easy to travel with.

What's inside the Mini Kit 2?

The Shootsta Mini Kit 2 includes:

  • DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal (with 2 batteries + USB charging cable)

  • iPhone 7 Plus (with 128 GB storage)

  • Manfrotto Smartphone clamp and mini tripod

  • 1x Apple lightning cable + power plug

How to set up the Mini Kit 3

1. Balancing your phone

Here is how to safely insert your phone and balance the gimbal before switching it on.

2. Pairing your phone

In order to use all the possible gimbal functions, your device must be bluetooth paired with the gimbal. You can pair via the DJI app or just connect via bluetooth if it is already been paired before.

How to operate the DJI Osmo gimbal

Watch the video below to learn the different transition shots you can create using the DJI Osmo Gimbal found in the Mini Kit.


Not sure what all the DJI Osmo Buttons do? Learn how to get the most from your DJI Osmo Gimbal here!

How to charge the Mini Kit 2

There is nothing worse then setting up for a shoot only to find that all of your gear has run out of battery.

See the below video to learn the basics:

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