Request changes and comment

When your editor uploads versions for your consideration, you have the option to 'request changes' and comment on the video.

Track the status

Not sure where your video project is at? Here is how you can track your video projects. And the status of your project will show with Project Filters and on the project tile, like this:

When editing is completed

A standard Shootsta Video allows up to 5 rounds of changes or 'amendments', meaning you can go up to version 6.

Need another round of changes / 'amendments'? No problem, you can request additional amendments via Video Add-ons. Here is how you can request additional amendments.

Not sure what version your video project is up to? Here is how you can track your video project.

When editing is in progress

Although it's not recommended, you can request to make changes to a video project that is currently being edited. The only way to remove a project from editing to change your brief and upload new assets is by contacting Shootsta Live Support. Because your project is already being worked on, we just need to pause production to return the project to you to make changes.

⚠️ Note that making changes to a video project in editing MAY EXTEND YOUR TURNAROUND TIME if the changes are significant.

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