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Here is a quick glossary of some of the most common words you might hear when talking about sharing and posting a video.

Hosting & Posting Essentials

Hosting platform: the platform where you post/host your video.

Embedding: is when you insert a video into a page or website. In most cases you can find the embedding code under the ‘share’ button, or the settings of your video hosting platform.

Thumbnail/Still: a thumbnail is a still image used as a ‘teaser’ for the video to be shown, usually showcasing the topic and talent using image and text. Learn more about how to create a great thumbnail.

Description: the written summary of your video. Learn how to set up a good description or post copy.

Closed Captions, Subtitles, SRT files

Closed Captions: text on screen that transcribes the dialogue (e.g. "Hi, I'm Jane!") as well as the sound effects (e.g. dog barks). Need captions with your video? No problem! Check out our article on how to request captions & subtitles.

Subtitles: text on screen that transcribes the dialogue. It allows people to watch the video without having to listen to the sound. Subtitles are burned into your video via editing. Need subtitles with your video? Check out our article on how to request captions & subtitles.

SRT Files: SRT stands for ‘sub-rip text’. It is a seperate file to your video that contains the subtitles and the time codes of when they need to appear on screen. Need SRT files with your video? No problem, check out our article on how to request captions & subtitles.

Social posting

Native video: is video posted directly to the platform on which it is shared. A non-native video would be, for example, a YouTube video link posted on Facebook. Social platforms encourage you to post natively as they don’t want you to take your audience away to another platform.

Organic Posting: refers to posting your video without paid advertisement.

Organic Reach: refers the the amount of people your post reaches without paid advertisement.

SEO: stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO refers to how you can enhance your ranking in search results by using certain keywords and hashtags in your description. Learn how to set up a good description or post copy and when and how to hashtag to improve your SEO.

Algorithm: normally when people mention an algorithm in the context of video sharing, they're referring to the coding behind a social media platform that determines who gets to see your post and when. By being smart about how, where, when and what you share, you can harness social media algorithms to increase your organic reach.

Engagement: refers to the number of people who interact with your post

  • by watching, sharing, liking and commenting on your video

  • by following your posts

  • by clicking a link in the description

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