How to Add Shootsta Stock Footage Assets to your Video Project

If your workspace is subscribed to Shootsta Stock Unlimited, adding Shootsta Stock Footage is a straightforward process that will make it easy for you and your organisation to find the best assets for all video projects.

How do I add Shootsta Stock Footage assets to my video project?

Adding stock assets to your video projects is a process similar to adding any asset to your video.

1) From the 'Upload Assets' section when creating a Video Project, select 'Stock Assets'.

2) Browse or Search the Stock Library for any asset or combination of assets that you would consider including in your Video Project, and select those assets for inclusion. Stock assets are searched through the 'Stock Assets', whereas any assets already owned or created by your organisation are located in 'My Assets'. You can navigate to both asset sections to select the assets needed for your Video Project.

3) Confirm your stock asset selections that you would consider using in your video project.

4) And that's it! You can continue on with briefing, collaborating, uploading assets, selecting add-ons, and submitting your project for editing.

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