How to set up audio on the Legacy Shootsta Kit 2

In this article we will learn how to set up the wireless audio gear found inside the Legacy Shootsta Kit 2.

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Here are 3 steps to mic up your talent and ensure you are recording high quality audio. 

  1. Attach audio receiver: If you haven’t done this already when setting up your kit, slide the audio receiver into the cold shoe and twist to lock it in place. Open the small flap on the left side of your camera and plug in the coiled cable into the red jack. To turn on your receiver, hold the power button down for a few seconds till it lights up.

  2. Mic up talent: For t-shirts clip the lav mic to their collar. For shirts or jacket, clip the lav mic between their first and second buttons. Make sure that nothing touches the mic such as hair, jewellery, scarfs, etc. Once the lav mic is clipped, have your talent to hide the wire on the inside of their clothing and plug the mic into the audio transmitter (TX). Hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn on.

  3. Set audio levels: Plug in headphones into the green jack on the left hand side of your camera. Listen carefully, everything you hear through the headphones will be recorded. To set the recording volume on your camera, press the centre button on the D Pad of your camera. Once in the Audio Rec Levels screen, scroll the wheel left or right to set recording levels. Press the centre button again too close. To avoid peaking (where the audio bars hit red on your camera screen and when the sound starts to distort), have your subject talk to you whilst you set the levels. Keep the volume between 50-75% on the audio meter. This will ensure you capture great, clear audio.

Remember to always plug a pair of headphones into the green camera jack to listen to what you are recording.

How do I record audio for two speakers?

The audio splitter is found inside the Legacy Shootsta Kit 2 and is used when two people need their audio recorded. The audio splitter can be plugged into the Transmitter (TX) and two lapel microphones can be plugged into the splitter, allowing both microphones to be recorded to the camera simultaneously.

When recording make sure you keep both people close to each other to avoid seeing the mic wires when filming. Make sure they speak at a similar audio level to avoid drastic changes in your audio volume when each person speaks.

Having trouble?

If you are having any Audio issues check out our Audio Testing Article

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