Logging into Shootsta for New Users

Signing into Shootsta for the first time is pretty straightforward. There are just a few things to highlight:

1. Shootsta Invitation Email

When your Shootsta workspace is ready to be used, you will be notified via your nominated email address (which doubles as your log in username for Shootsta). If you don't get the welcome email fairly quickly, I would definitely check your junk inbox or spam folder to make sure the welcome email has not been delivered there. The Shootsta Invitation email looks like this:

2. Get Started option link/ Set Password

When you click 'Get Started' this will navigate you directly from your email to your Shootsta workspace. The first thing you will need to do is create a password and confirm this newly created password to create the account.

3. Extra Information

Shootsta is a single source of truth across all your video productions touchpoints. From pre-planning to creation, editing to sharing, Shootsta is there to support your video production journey. Part of that journey will involve interaction with your dedicated editing team. Your dedicated editing team may need to contact you to get your videos just right, so setting up your profile is extremely important, and is the next step in this onboarding process.

4. Why Shootsta / Join

This is just the beginning of our relationship, so we want to tell you a little bit about Shootsta. We have more products and services coming as well so stay tuned... But when ready, just click 'Join' to get into your workspace.

5. Workspace/ Bookmark

Your Organisation's Shootsta Workspace is unique. No one else besides you and your organisation (as well Shootsta support) has access to your workspace. This is designed to keep your work and data secure. The Shootsta workspace webpage you are directed to from the invitation email is also unique. So we definitely recommend bookmarking and/or saving this webpage for ease of access going forward. Also bear this in mind, if the webpage address is not your organisation's, then you will not be able to do basic requests like resetting your password. If you get stuck or cannot return to your organisation's Shootsta Workspace, our support team can happily help get you back on track.

And that's it, getting logged in is the first step to creating amazing video projects. If you'd like a little help creating and submitting your first video project, we can help with that as well.


Any other questions, contact us! We would love to help!