Step by Step. Creating and Submitting a Video Project in the Shootsta Platform

Step 1. Create and Name your Video Project

Click 'Create Project'.

1) Enter a Project Name. Relevance is key to naming, and a naming convention that will distinguish this project from others in the platform could really come in handy.

2) Select the type of project you want to create: Video, Podcast, Animation, or Webinar.

3) Click 'Continue' to get to the next step

4) If you want to make your video Private (meaning only visible to you and your organisation admin), you can select that here.

Create Project and Name View:

Step 2. Brief your editor

You can brief your editor in multiple ways. You have the option of the following:

  1. You can brief directly in the Shootsta Platform using the 'Tell Us More About Your Project' section.

  2. You can upload a briefing document as an attachment (or use the Shootsta Video Plan Template).

3. Or any combination of the above.

The whole point of briefing your editor is to put as much upstream planning into your process as possible and to communicate the process to your editor. Your dedicated Shootsta Editors are very good at what they do, but it still helps to communicate what you are hoping for and planning. We at Shootsta have found, the more you plan in advance, the more likely your end product will be successful and in line with what you are hoping for. Click here to learn more about Briefing in the Shootsta Platform.

Linked Resources:
Do you have a Video Plan, script or storyboard you can share? Whether you have created any of these resources within the Shootsta Platform or separately, you can upload them to your brief.


You're probably wondering what to include in the 'Tell us about your project' field???

The ‘Tell us about your project’ box is where you provide your editor with essential information about your project. The more information we have then the easier it is for us to nail your video project first time round!

Indicate the Video Type that you have planned. The Options for Video Types are as follows:

Piece to camera. A presenter looks directly into camera.

1-person interview. An interviewee looks just off camera, at an unseen interviewer.

2-person interview. Two people, normally a host and an interviewee, speak to each other.

Tutorials. An explanation of a process, showing the steps.

Event videos. A hype reel with vox pops, showing the story of an event (e.g. conference, party, etc.)

Visual storytelling videos. Visually-driven, narrative video, sometimes like a short film.


It could also be beneficial to include Intent and Style


Target audience. Who is this video for? Be as specific as possible about the people you want to impact.

Key Message. What’s the one idea that you want your audience to remember from the video? Make sure it links back to your Objective!

Stick to a single key message; multiple messages make for less clear videos, lower engagement and less impact.

Call to Action. What do you want your viewers to do as a result of watching your video? A single Call to Action is best, and any more than two risks overwhelming your viewers.


  • Do you have any music style suggestions? At Shootsta we can select any track from to the Epidemic Sound copyright free music library for your video.

  • Do you have any videos style suggestions?

For example:

👋🏼 Hi Shootsta Editor!

This video is a quick tutorial video (2 minutes max) on how to use our new Product. The video is designed for customers and will be posted on our website, YouTube channel and Instagram.

This video needs to be fun, professional and on-brand. Here is what we had in mind for the style and vibe of the video:

I have renamed and ordered all the files for you to make it easier. We've also uploaded our Video Plan and some blooper files - feel free to add them in at the end if you think they could be fun!

Keen to see the result! Let me know if you would have any questions. 

Thank you!

Your biggest fan. 💌


And let us know if we need to add any lower thirds to your video. Just type in the names and titles of your presenters or talent.


Step 3. Uploading Assets, Ordering, and Commenting

1. To upload assets, browse your computer or select assets from your Media Library, along with any audio recordings or still images we’ll need to create your video.

2. Each uploaded asset has the (...) option action dots in the bottom right corner through which you can view details, add comments, remove from project, archive or delete (delete is permanent!). This will allow you to rename your clip via 'View Details'. You can change the filenames of your clips so they are easier to reference when instructing your editor as well as distinguishing the assets in the media library.

Action Dots View:

3. You can also add comments for each clip. Each comment is time-coded. This makes commenting really useful and one of the best ways to communicate what you need to your Editor. Adding a comment with the starting and ending points in the upload that you definitely want included will be really useful information for your Shootsta Editor.

Commenting Video:

4. You can 'remove from project'/ 'delete' any files you have uploaded in error. 'Remove from Project' will remove the asset from the project, however a record of the asset still remains in the media library. Deleting an asset will delete the record of the asset from the Shootsta Platform and is irreversible!

Action Dots with Delete/ Remove View:

5. Ordering Your Assets is important! You can drag and drop the assets you have uploaded into the order you would like your editor to see them. This will give some context to the order in which you would like your video to be edited. The ordering follows a Left to Right and Top Down sequence.

Ordering Video:

6. Once you have uploaded, ordered and commented on your clips, click “continue”, bearing in mind that you can return and modify your selections later if you wish.

To ensure your video turnaround time, you can submit up to 25 minutes of footage and 50 files in total. For more details check out What is a Shootsta Video?.

⚠️ Once an upload is completed, the asset will display in the Assets list. However, you can navigate away even prior to upload completion. The Shootsta Platform will continue to upload your files in the background.


Step 4. Add-Ons, Extras, Confirm and Submit

Video Add-ons are additional services you can ‘add on’ to your Shootsta Video.

What Video Add-ons are available?


Step 5: Submit or Save

Now your clips have been uploaded and ordered, and you have briefed your Shootsta editor on your project, you can submit your project for editing, or save it for later and come back to it, if you are not ready to send it to your Shootsta Editor. To save for later, all you need to do is navigate back to your project, the Shootsta Platform will automatically save your changes to this point.

If you click 'Confirm', you will receive an email confirming submission of your Project. Your Project will be visible in your Project Dashboard as Submitted until an Editor begins working on it.

Project Submission Confirmation view:


Step 6. Check your Email!

You should have received an email notification if your video has been successfully submitted. If you haven't received an email, check your spam filter or reach out to the team to ensure we've received it.

Email Notification View:


Step 7. Track your video project

You will receive email and in-app notifications once your video has been submitted for approval and completed. You can also manage your videos via your Video Dashboard.

Notifications Video:


Need help or have questions? Contact us. We'd love to help!

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