Your Guide to Offboarding from Shootsta

This article will take you through retaining your library of assets, and what you need to consider when offboarding from Shootsta

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The main consideration during offboarding is retaining and storing the Files and Videos in Your Workspace

Files in archived workspaces are regularly removed from our servers in order to preserve storage space. As a result, we strongly recommend that during the offboarding period you download and backup local copies of any files you wish to keep after your subscription expires. If you require assistance, you can find instructions on how to download completed projects and how to download individual assets from projects below. **Shootsta does not save your files after your subscription expires. 


How to Retain your Assets from Shootsta

The Shootsta Media Library saves copies of all final videos as well as any files uploaded into your Shootsta Pro Projects. You also have copies of all files within each Pro Project. 

Step 1: Finding the Assets page for a submitted project

Downloading Assets 1

You can access the Assets page for a project that is no longer in the Draft stage by navigating to your Pro page, clicking on the project in question, then selecting the "Uploaded Assets" option as pictured above.


Downloading Assets 5

Alternatively, you can also access access the Assets page for a project via its Review or View Completed Video page by clicking the action dots (...) in the top right and then selecting "View Project Brief". This will take you to the briefing pages that were accessed during the project's initial submission, after which you can navigate to the Loaded Assets page to access that project's assets.


Step 2: Downloading your Uploaded Assets

Downloading Assets 2Downloading Assets 3

Once you have located the asset(s) you're after, click on the action dots (...) next to an asset's name to open up the options menu for that asset. In this menu, click the "Asset Details" option to bring up an additional window.

Downloading Assets 4
In the window that pops up for that asset, click the Download button and then select the resolution at which you'd like to download that asset. This will begin a download of that asset to your browser's selected download directory.

Step 3: Downloading Completed Videos

1. Open the Completed Project.

2. When you click the download option in the video player, the option for downloading original quality, high resolution, or low resolution files will be listed.

3. If you requested .SRT Captions as an Add-on, they will visible in this download menu as well.

4. Select the file you wish to download and you are good to go!



Subscription Important Date Notifications

Our Shootsta Platform is specifically crafted to help you stay informed about your Shootsta subscription. We have implemented automatic notifications and banners to ensure you never miss any crucial subscription dates.

Subscription Expiry Notification Schedule:

30 Days Before Expiry: Subscription Expiry Notification to All Users

You will be notified via email about your subscription expiry outlining the offboarding process and the upcoming key dates, as well as a link to a feedback survey. 

7 Days Before Expiry: Submission Deadline Reminder

You will receive an email informing you that submission of new projects will be closed for your workspace 24 hours before your subscription expiry date.

48 Hours Before Expiry: Final Submission Alert

Workspace users will be alerted that they are in the final period for submitting new projects and creating new draft projects.

On Expiry Day: Subscription Expiry & Revision Period

You will be notified that your subscription has expired and are now in a 5 business day revision period. Workspace users are no longer able to create new projects. 

3 Days After Expiry: Revision Period Reminder

You will be emailed a reminder of the upcoming end to the revision period.

5 Days After Expiry: Workspace Lockdown Notification

You will be notified that your workspace is now in view only mode. Assets and projects can still be downloaded in this state.

15 Days After Expiry: Archive Warning

You will receive a reminder to download any content you need from your workspace before it is archived in 15 more days.

30 Days After Expiry: Final Archive Warning

You will be informed that your workspace has been archived and can no longer be accessed. 



**Your Shootsta Workspace is stored in Archive for one year after your subscription expires. After the year, we remove your workspace from archive. 


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