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Reviewing your Video: Notifications, Comment, Share, Approve, and Request Changes on an Edit

 View your Video via Notifications:

Email Notifications:

  • Email notifications are generated for any activity on your project that requires your attention. Email notifications are sent to your email inbox. **If you are not receiving the email notifications, you may need to check your spam or junk folders.

In-App Notifications:

  • In-App notifications are also triggered for any activity that requires your attention. Badges display whenever there are any new notifications. You can click into the work directly from the notification.

Review Tool:

Add your Comments & Share the Project

Commenting Video:

Commenting on your video is the best way to communicate your intentions to your editor. Anything you would like changed, additional files that need to be added or substituted, picture modifications, are all examples of possible change requests. These should be requested in comments. Your editor will read through each comment and then know what needs to be actioned. Alternatively, your editor can also respond to your comments to continue the conversation. Comments are one of the most powerful communication tools you have in Shootsta.

When you'd like to make a change, just click on the screen to add in your comments:

You can leave as many comments as you'd like, and the more specific your notes are the better! We want to avoid any miscommunication so we can get your changes exactly how you'd like them.

Add Comments View:

Share Video for Feedback:

Shootsta is a powerful video review tool. When users are seatholders in Shootsta, they have the ability to review an edited video within the review tool. However, for users who do not have access to Shootsta, there is an option to share the video.

When sharing with a user who does not have access to Shootsta, you can determine what level of access they may have with the edited video:

Share Access:

  • View Access- The 'view' permission will allow the user to view the video edit. This user will not be able to comment or edit the video.

  • View & Comment Access- The 'view & comment' permission set will allow the user to view and comment on the video edit. Comments are conversation starters as well, so if you would like to discuss or debate an aspect of the video edit, you can use comments to have the conversation.

  • None- 'None' is about restriction. If you do not wish to allow view, comment, edit, or ownership permissions, then 'none' will prevent the user from being able to do any of these actions.

  • The user that you share the video with (if they do not have a login for Shootsta) will be asked to input their name into the text fields before accessing the video.

Approve or Submit Changes

Review Tool View:

Upon clicking into your project, you will have the options below the video to 'Approve Version' or 'Submit Changes'. (Please bear in mind that adding comments can only happen prior to choosing one of these two options. I would suggest commenting first!)

'Approve Version' is how you can tell your editor that you do not require another version. Approving a version will also complete your project and transfer the status of your project to "Completed".

'Submit Changes' is not designed to hurt anyone's feelings. This is merely you informing your editor that something needs to be adjusted or amended. When you click submit changes, Shootsta will require you to "Tell us why" you are requesting changes. You can tick one of the boxes or detail your change requests in the 'Other Reason' open field (the reason field only opens once 'other' is ticked. If you need a new file, video, or asset attached, you will need to attach those in a comment. So once again, it is strongly suggested to comment first before choosing 'Submit Changes'

Submit Changes View:

That's it!

Sit back and relax, we'll send you an email advising that we've received the changes, and you'll see your video appear back in the 'Editing in Progress' section. You'll then receive another one when it's been updated! Here are more detail on how you can track your video projects.