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Managing your Projects with Notifications, Filters, and Project Status

Managing your Projects

To manage your video projects, log in to Shootsta and go to the ‘Pro' page. Here you can find and manage all of your video projects.

Notifications in Shootsta:

You will be notified when something requires your attention with Shootsta in-app notifications and email notifications. Both types of notifications are triggered by different actions in Shootsta. Notifications are designed to drive your interactions with Shootsta.

Notifications Video Tutorial:

Notification Types in Shootsta:

As an administrator in Shootsta, you will be notified for:

  • inspirations post reported

  • no Shootsta credits remaining or credit amounts changed

  • Shootsta subscription package change confirmation

As a project owner in Shootsta, you will be notified for:

  • inspirations post (that you created) reported

  • access requested

  • video pending review

  • video approved

  • video placed on/off hold

  • video submitted

  • comment made on video

  • project ownership assigned

  • project moved back to draft

  • custom due date assigned to project

  • project not able to be a rush edit

  • credits adjusted on your project

As a user in Shootsta, you will be notified for:

  • invitation to Shootsta

  • forgot password

  • invitation to collaborate

  • invitation accepted

  • comment mention or @taging

Project Filters:

Project Filters create relevance in your Projects page with the flexibility to find what you need. Your Projects page will filter by default to 'All Videos' that have been 'Created By Me'. You can filter your projects by their status or user, and search for the project itself.

Filter View:

Each video project tile indicates:

  • a thumbnail preview of your project

  • the status of your project

  • the title of your project

  • your project ID

  • the number of outputs in the project

Here is the detail you will see on each project tile:


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