Shootsta Filming Checklist

Things you need to know before and during your video shoot.

This article is broken into three sections: things to remember a week or so before filming, the day before filming and the day of filming.

Week Before Filming

If you need a refresher on filming or if you would like a physical copy of this document, you can download it here.

  • Fill out your video plan.
    Set a goal, write your script, and build your storyboard. Every great video starts with a great plan.

  • Share your video plan with anybody who needs to have input.
    Consider sharing with the talent, as well as anybody who needs to approve the video.

  • Arrange your crew & talent.
    Remember to give them all the details they need so they arrive on your shoot day on time and prepared.

  • Scout out your location and remember to book it.
    Find a suitable location well in advance to avoid any unwanted surprises. Filming in public? You might need a permit.

  • Book in your Shootsta Kit.
    If your Kit is set up as an internal resource, or shared across multiple users in your company, let your team know that you need it.

  • Refresh your knowledge!
    Check out this article on 7 Steps to Filming on the Shootsta Kit to refresh your knowledge on filming with the Kit or check out other articles in the Shootsta Help Centre.

Day Before Filming

  • Check your Shootsta Kit.
    Make sure your Kit has all of the parts inside. You don’t want anything missing on your shoot day! Check out this article on What’s in the Shootsta Kit to double check all your parts.

  • Charge your batteries.
    You have 2 camera batteries, 1 LED light battery and an iPad that need to be charged. Remember to have 4 spare AA batteries on hand for your mics. Check out this article on How to Charge your Kit.

  • Check your SD card!
    Make sure it’s in your camera, and that there is enough space on it. You can delete individual items from the SD card using your computer or your camera. Alternatively, format the SD card inside your camera to delete all the files at once. Check out this article on How to Format your SD Card.

  • Double check your shoot details with your talent and crew.
    Let them know if there have been any changes to your shoot since you originally briefed them.

  • Remind talent about clothing.
    When possible, have your talent avoid wearing pinstripes, shirts with small checks, knitwear or other fine detail on their clothing. If you need to mic up your talent, ask them to avoid wearing low-cut tops as these can be difficult to put a lav mic on.

  • Check whether your talent is comfortable with the script.
    Is there anything they don’t understand, or that they want to change into their own words?

On the Day

  • Remember, before you begin filming, take a deep breath, smile and have a good time!

  • Download the 7 Steps to Filming on the Shootsta Kit and have it on hand to make sure you’ve covered all the steps before you begin filing.

  • Check your footage!
    Make sure everything is in focus, and that you’re happy with the audio and video you’ve captured. Do this periodically during the shoot day, while your talent and crew are still there.

  • Pack everything up after shooting.
    You don’t want to lose anything after your big day.

  • Once you’re finished, upload your footage to Shootsta.
    Check out this article on how to upload your footage to Shootsta if you need a quick refresher. 

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