What are .SRT files?

.SRT stands for ‘sub-rip text’. It is a seperate file to your video that contains the subtitles and the time codes of when they need to appear on screen. When uploaded with your video, the file generates on-screen subtitles and captions.

The primary difference between .SRT captions and Burn-In captions is that .SRT captions can be toggled on and off when viewing a video, whereas Burn-In captions must always be visible. 

Why .SRT files?

3 reasons for considering .SRT files

  1. It enables search engines to 'read' the content of your video, making it SEO friendly so your video is more likely to appear in search results.

  2. It enables people to 'read' the conversation in your video even when your video's audio is muted - and therefore increasing video engagement.

  3. It makes your video accessible for the hearing impaired.

Check out the article below to learn how to request an .SRT caption file on your next video project: How to request captions, subtitles and .SRT files


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