Video format, length & resolution restrictions

What is the length of a Shootsta video?

A Shootsta video has a final edit length up to 5 minutes and is ideally made from up to 25 minutes for raw footage.


Why? At Shootsta we believe the optimal video length is short and to the point for maximum engagement.


Need a longer video? No problem. Just mention it in your brief to your editor, and your Shootsta edit team will get back to you with options.


Accepted formats and file types

The Shootsta Platform will accept all file types in the upload process, but will only playback MP4 & MOV files.


For ease of upload and download we don't recommend supply files that are larger than 5GB. We recommend transcoding files larger than 5GB prior to upload in order to reduce their filesize.



High Definition 1920 x 1080 HD is the preferred resolution for video. This resolution will appear clear and crisp across most devices and platforms. If you require a specific lower resolution, our editors can adjust the resolution for you.

Shootsta can not edit 4K footage. 4K requires fast processors and takes a very long time to upload to the platform due to its sheer size and also most internet speeds are sub-par. We can, however, help you transcode your footage into HD so it can be uploaded to the platform and added to your project. Get in touch via or the chat function, we'd love to help.


Check out The Optimal Video Dimensions article to find the ideal aspect ratio and screen resolution for your video type.


Need help or have questions? Contact us. We'd love to help!