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Briefing Your Video in Shootsta Pro

This is a how-to article of what your editor needs to know from you!




Briefing a video project for editing in Shootsta Pro is the first step in the video project workflow:

  • Step 1: Brief the Editor

  • Step 2: Upload Assets, Order and Comment

  • Step 3: Add-Ons and Extras

  • Step 4: Confirmation

Check out our How to create and submit a Video Project article.


What to include in the 'Tell Us About Your Project' section

The ‘Tell Us About Your Project’ section is where you provide your editor with essential information about your project. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to nail your video project the first time around! Here is an example of an informative brief:

👋🏼 Hi Shootsta Editor!

This video is a quick tutorial video (2 minutes max) on how to use our new Product. The video is designed for customers and will be posted on our website, YouTube channel and Instagram.

This video needs to be fun, professional and on-brand. Here is what we had in mind for the style and vibe of the video:

I have renamed and ordered all the files for you to make it easier. We've also uploaded our Video Plan and some blooper files - feel free to add them in at the end if you think they could be fun!

Keen to see the result! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Your biggest fan. 💌


Additionally, you can upload your 'Video Plan' as an Upload Attachment in 'Step 3: Brief the Editor.'

⚠️If you have filled out a Video Plan prior to the shoot, make sure to update and adjust the plan where necessary to include the corresponding file names.

Shootsta's Video Plan Template


Some questions that might help

  • Why are you creating this video?

  • Who is this video for?

  • Where will this video be delivered? Will it go on your website, social channels, or your internal intranet?

  • What is the maximum length of time this video can be?

  • Do you have a Video Plan, script or storyboard you can share?

  • Have you included relevant B-roll to compliment your main clip? B-roll can make a huge difference to your video and can serve to easily illustrate or demonstrate your speaker's words. Think about what the presenter is talking about and be relevant but creative with your B-roll.

  • Any particular branding or logos you'd like to use?

  • What feeling/mood do you want to create? Every video carries a mood to pass onto the audience. This can be reflected in music, colour grading, cutting and effects.

  • Do you have any videos style suggestions to reference?

  • Do you have any music style suggestions to reference? At Shootsta, we can select any track from to the Epidemic Sound copyright free music library for your video.


After the Brief! Upload, Order, Comment

After Briefing your Editor, it is extremely helpful to order and comment on the assets you upload. In the 'Upload Assets' section of creating a Project, you can do both of these actions. Ordering assets is easy in Shootsta. All you need to do is drag and drop the clips into order (left to right, top to bottom).



Comments are a great way to communicate relevance to your Shootsta Editor.

Any information that would be helpful for your Editor to know about this asset would be really beneficial in helping them know what parts of the material you provided are helpful or necessary to include in your final cut. You can comment on the starting and ending points in the video that you want included. You can comment on any effects you might like your editor to adjust on the asset too, such as adjusting the brightness or colour balance.


Just remember, briefing your editor is crucial to the success of your video project. An informative brief will reduce time and amendment rounds. Happy Briefing!


Need help or have questions? Contact us or message us via Live Chat. We'd love to help!