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How to Download Caption Subtitle (.SRT) Files


What are Caption Subtitle (SRT) Files?

.SRT stands for ‘sub-rip text’. It is a separate file to your video that contains the subtitles and the time codes of when they need to appear on screen.

How to request a Caption Subtitle (.SRT) file

An .SRT file is a Video add-on to your Shootsta Video. Check out our article on How to request captions, subtitles and .SRT files.

How to download Caption Subtitle .SRT files

.SRT files are applied to your completed approved video, not the first version. You can find the downloadable SRT file on your final completed video in the Shootsta Hub.

1. You will be notified by email that your Project is ready for review, you can also navigate to the project in your 'Completed Projects' page

2. Open the Project

3. When you click the download option in the player, the option for downloading your Caption files will be listed.

4. Highlight the file you want to download and you are good to go.

How to upload .SRT files to your video

Check out the How to upload .SRT files to your video article for more information.


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