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Shootsta Bookings: Everything you need to know about our Camera Operator and Videographer Network

Our Camera Operators are Shootsta vetted independent contractors and professional Videographers. Here is an overview of our Terms and Conditions:

Locations and availabilities

Camera Operators are available in many areas globally. However, our network is concentrated mostly in Sydney and other major cities in Australia. We have a growing network in Singapore, UK and the US.

How to book

You can book a camera operator through Shootsta by clicking on 'Bookings' in the bottom left menu.


Pricing per booking varies by shoot length and region, (Australia / New Zealand, UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong). For specific pricing for your shoot, message us via Live Chat, and we can connect you with our Bookings team.

The minimum booking time varies slightly by location, and will be listed in the booking form. The initial cost includes basic travel expenses (up to an hour of travel). Regional locations and difficult travel circumstances will be subject to additional travel expenses, as negotiated with the client.

In the event that the shoot runs over, we allow a grace period of 15 minutes; after that an additional hour will be charged.


Our Shootsta Camera Operators carry a minimum equipment set up including the following:

  • Video Camera and lenses - DSLR preferred

  • 2 x Lapel Microphones (for multiple person interviews) and transmitters/receivers

  • Shotgun Microphone

  • Tripod

  • Portable battery powered LED light

  • Spare batteries for all components

Any extra equipment they carry is optional and potentially available on request. Please note that camera operators DO NOT carry autocues / prompters as part of their standard equipment. 

You may request that the operator use your equipment; however, the operator is most skilled in the use of their equipment.


Our Camera Operators are Shootsta vetted independent contractors and responsible for their Public Liability Insurance. Shootsta checks valid PLI as part of the vetting process. However, Shootsta is not responsible for the on-site activity of the Camera Operator.

Footage management

By default, Cam Ops will send the footage to Shootsta within 24 hours after the shoot, or at the earliest possible convenience. The project owner will get an email notification as soon as the footage in the project, ready to be briefed and submitted. 

If you want to receive the footage on the day of the shoot, you will need to provide a hard drive and laptop. Please flag this on your bookings form or with the bookings team before the shoot.

Cancellations and rescheduling

Shootsta requires more than 48 hours cancellation / or rescheduling notice, or fees may apply

  • If a booking is cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the shoot time, 50% of the booking cost may apply as a cancellation fee.

  • If a booking is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the shoot time, the FULL FEE of the booking will apply as a cancellation fee.

  • If Shootsta cancels or reschedules the booking within 48 hours, we will issue a booking credit for the length of your shoot.

The cancellation and rescheduling timings above all refer to business days / hours.


Have questions or need help? Contact us, we'd love to chat.