How to edit .SRT files

.SRT stands for ‘sub-rip text’. It is a seperate file to your video that contains the subtitles and the time codes of when they need to appear on screen. When uploaded with your video, the file generate on-screen subtitles and captions.

.SRT files is a Video add-on to your Shootsta Video. Check out our articles on How to request captions, subtitles and .SRT files and How to download .SRT files.

1. Right click on your downloaded .SRT file and open the file. On a iOS operating System select TextEdit 



If you're using a Windows operating system, select 'Notepad'.


2. Here you can view and edit both your text and the time codes set for each line.


3. If you're using 'Notepad' make sure to save before closing!

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